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Celemi is a global provider of interactive business simulations and Top 20 Training Industry Gamification Company.

Strategic TEAM Simualtions

Strategic Leadership

Celemi Performance Simulation

Celemi Performance™  is an effective and engaging way to train high-performing minds to succeed in tough times. 

Four teams struggling to survive in harsh market conditions. Participants need to evaluate the market, analyse information and strategise to win the right customers in the right markets.

4 Hours

Stakeholder Management


CELEMI Synchronicity™ equips participants to build a broad support base and gain support from key stakeholders.

Stakeholder management requires careful planning, execution, and control. Whether stakeholders are internal or external, success depends on the ability to gain support from right individuals.

4 Hours

Branding & Marketing


Celemi Livon & Livon Light™ are simulations offering a fast track to understanding the principles of marketing and branding.

Four companies fiercely compete in a narrow market segment. With little differentiation and a restless customer base, teams decide how best to use limited resources to attract customers.

1 Day | 4 Hours

Enterprise StRAtergy


CELEMI Enterprise™ is a competitive business simulation where teams compete for customers in a dynamic marketplace. 

Taking place over 8 simulated years teams win or lose customers based on the decisions they make. Teams develop and execute own strategies in a rapidly changing marketplace.

1-2 Days


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Celemi is a Top 20 Gamification Company for 2018

Celemi is a Training Industry Top 20 Gamification Company.

“Celemi qualified to be included as an industry leader based on the breadth of industries served and the extent of its geographic reach.”

The companies named on the Top 20 Gamification Companies list are selected after an assessment of their gamification features and capabilities; the innovativeness of their offerings and an evaluation of their scope, size and growth potential.

You can read more about the award and Training Industry’s choices here.