The tight 200

10 Slides x 20 Seconds

THE TIGHT 200 is a captivating presentation format which communicates passion, creates engagement but most of all, inspires action. 

The Tight 200

Sales person speaking to an audience.

communicate Passion

THE TIGHT 200 isn't your average presentation workshop. Work as individuals or groups to deliver 400 seconds of pure authenticity, who are you really, what do you care most about, how can we make a difference, why should we care?

Storytelling is what makes us human and is an unavoidable key competency of the workplace. This interactive and challenging workshop will deliver transferable insights and teach us who we really are.

Learn to speak with clarity and confidence in the workplace.

Woman giving a sales presentation using graphs.

Create Engagement

We've all heard the phrase, "death by PowerPoint" Let me put the record straight, PowerPoint is a fantastic and dynamic tool if used effectively. It is also an unavoidable aspect of the modern workplace, instead of squinting your eyes at yet another slide in a size 11 font, learn to harness it power to capture attention.

Learn to harness it's power to create dynamic and engaging slides which capture and connect with your audience.

Crowd of people wanting action.

Inspire action

Highlight a chase for change, build a community amongst your colleagues, motivate your workforce to make a difference.

Never political but always personal, use your cause and passion to inspire others and create a movement for change.

Share stories and passions in a way that creates understanding and strengthens teams, all whilst learning to be the best communicator you can be.


Whether you are planning the perfect pitch for your business or delivering a killer keynote, THE TIGHT 200 will give you the skills and knowledge to make the biggest impact possible;

  • Build confidence and manage nerves effectively
  • Master the art of storytelling to create impact
  • Be authentic, reveal yourself to your audience
  • Use effective structure to limit reliance on notes
  •  Improve PowerPoint understanding & skills