Flux Capacity's

Sales Training

Sales Training Workshop in New Zealand

Effective sales and customer service is crucial to differentiate your company brand and your staff - I can help you develop a structured customer centric approach to sales. 

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Enterprise Business Simulation

Business Simulation with Celemi Enterprise

Partnering with Celemi, global provider of business simulations, "Enterprise" challenges teams to exercise business thinking for winning results, aligning your people behind your strategy.

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Medical Sales

Medical devices and staff in a hospital.

With my origins in Medical Device and Healthcare sales, I offer experienced industry insight with ethical sales and product launch training that makes a real difference.

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Leadership Coaching

Group of people on a leadership coaching  program.

Leadership is so much more than simply...leading. An independent and experienced ear is crucial to helping navigate the many pitfalls of effective management.

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Presentation Skills

Woman using her presentation skills at a conference in New Zealand.

Communicating effectively with your voice, body and soul. My workshops offer group and individual presentation skills training to help project your authentic self with impact.

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Career Coaching

Man climbing the leadership success staircase.

Crafting a career that is logical and progressive is an increasing challenge in the future work environment. Allow me to help you grow out of a rut or take the leap to the next level.

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