Medical Sales Training

Medical Sales Training

Medical Sales Training

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In an increasingly commoditised market, true product differentiation is rare.  Your people are your most valuable product to differentiate and outperform the competition. My sales training process can give you that edge.

On Boarding new Reps

Medical Sales Training

Medical Sales Training

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Often new reps are thrown into the deep end, covering cases and learning on the run. Ensure they have a development plan in place that drives learning as well as doing justice to customers, patients and your business brand.

Product launch

Medical Sales Training

Product launch

A doctor using medical equipment in an operating room.

Making an impact with new products is crucial to driving your new business as well as heritage products. My bespoke workshops and detailed product launch roadmap ensures your sales team hit the ground running.

Sales Coaching

Skills Development

Product launch

Team of doctors and nurses walking through a hospital.

Sales Managers have many competing challenges and actively coaching their team can fall down the list of priorities. The right coaching model provides structure to keep managers and reps accountable for improving performance with every sales call.

Theatre Protocol

Skills Development

Skills Development

A doctor and a nurse standing in front of medical equipment.

Entering an operating theatre as a sales rep is a privilege, patients and customers are always the priority, always.  Ensure your reps have an informed, rigorous and interactive discussion about what is and is not their role to distinguish themselves in theatre.

Skills Development

Skills Development

Skills Development

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As a specialist in the medical device and healthcare sectors, I offer a range of tailored training sessions to help boost employee engagement and improve key skills; Presentation Skills, Career Coaching, Train the Trainer, Tailored Solutions.

Team of medical professionals at a hospital.

ICONIC Medical Sales Training

"The heart of sales is effective communication" - Flux Capacity

In a rapidly changing clinical and commercial environment it is critical to adapt quickly to gain an advantage on the competition. New skills must be relevant, transferable, actionable and measurable.  Medical sales representatives face numerous new challenges, including:

  • The changing nature of relationships with health care customers
  • Differentiation of medical products in an increasing commoditised market
  • Reduced clinical influence on product buying decisions
  • Compliance regulations  and increased challenges accessing customers
  • Industry changes and mandates that require new knowledge and skills

Relationships and a great service ethic are crucial but not enough to influence real change in clinical practice which positively impact patient outcomes.

With over 20 years sales training experience in pharmaceuticals and medical devices with Merck(MSD), Roche, Smith & Nephew, Zimmer Biomet and Johnson & Johnson Medical, Flux Capacity is perfectly placed to provide expert sales training for medical device, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, capital equipment, dental and biotechnology companies throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Make Me Iconic

  • My ICONIC sales workshops are interactive and engaging, delivering transferable skills and insightful models which are easy to implement.

  • Programs range from an introductory half day to full 2 days incorporating your core products. Sessions are tailored following full consultation to understand your business and needs.

  • Delivered through open discussion and experiential application exercises, programs are ideally suited for up to 12 participants.

  • Following the full workshop, you get a road map to reference for selling key products and assist with future sales and new employee induction.

5 Principles of Medical Sales Training*

Team of doctors and nurses examining a patient.

5. QUESTION - Always have x3 well thought out and insightful questions to ask your customer but know when it is and is not appropriate to ask them.

4. COMMUNICATE - Have a structured sales process and develop this as a craft. Yes, relationships matter but so does effective and purposeful communication. 

3. TRUST - Build relationships based on dialogue and mutual value from the outset. Be a trusted advisor and distinguish yourself from the competition.

2. EMPATHY - Put yourself in the customer's shoes, what are their priorities and agenda. Your needs and pressures are secondary.

1. CARE - Never forget the patient. Consider their journey, their family, their hopes and fears - then act accordingly. Always.

*Consider and prioritise this list in reverse order...

ICONIC Selling supports medical device companies to approach sales in an ethical, customer and patient-centric way.

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