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ICONIC Selling

"the heart of sales is simply effective communication" - Flux Capacity

Sales is at the heart of how we communicate as people, a shared dialogue which results in mutual gain for both parties - whether it be negotiating this year's big contract or influencing a dinner venue with friends.


How your business and employees communicate is central to how your brand is perceived. A consistent approach to sales conversations and customer interactions ensures you maximise sales opportunities and guarantees your customers the highest quality service every time.


Sales is a craft both in business and in life, it requires a process and a consistent structure across your team. The insights I deliver will improve workplace communication  as well as support internal discussions around sales targets and KPIs.


ICONIC Selling improves sales techniques to ensure your business is able to effectively communicate the value of your products or services to your customers.


I take a personal interest in you, your business, your team and your customers experience. Sales training is a much miss understood and undervalued tool to differentiate your products and services. Proudly based in New Zealand, I help kiwi companies improve their sales technique with a holistic approach, not just teaching skills but positively changing company culture, improving the perception of sales as a profession and adding true value to customers long term.

make me iconic

  • Flux Capacity's ICONIC sales training workshops are interactive and engaging, delivering transferable skills and insightful models which are easy to implement.

  • Programs range from an introductory half day to full 2 days incorporating your core products. Sessions are tailored following full consultation to understand your business and needs.

  • Delivered through open discussion and experiential application exercises, programs are ideally suited for up to 12 participants.

  • Following the full workshop, you get a road map to reference for selling key products and assist with future sales and new employee induction.

Iconic objectives

Increase customer acquisition


reduce time to acquisition


extend customer relations



Use a simple and easily applied personality profiling technique to help relate to your customers and understand their communication needs.


Most sales are won or lost in the preparation. Learn to set goals efficiently, introduce yourself, your company and products  with impact.


Building genuine trust and rapport is a critical step in providing value to your customer, put your customer first and at the heart of the process.


The true skill of any salesperson is identifying the core motivators of their customers. Learn critical questioning techniques to reveal hidden needs.


Objections are a necessary part of any sales process. Learn to anticipate common barriers and use a simple model to navigate them effectively.


Demystify the cliches of "closing" a sale, instead learn how to ask for the business as a natural and inevitable part of advancing the conversation.

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