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Celemi "Synchronicity" Simulation

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CELEMI Synchronicity

One of the most critical factors needed to successfully implement an initiative, deliver a project, or compete a key activity, is effective stakeholder management. Your success is dependent on your ability to create positive relationships, earn support, manage expectation, and positively influence your stakeholders. 

Why stakeholder management? 

Stakeholder management is a process requiring careful planning, execution, and control. Regardless if stakeholders are internal or external, success will depend on the ability to gain support from right individuals and to navigate the process. 

The program provides a platform for;

  • Sharing experiences 
  • Applying theoretical models
  • Deepening understanding of stakeholder management 


Stakeholder Identification 

  • Identify stakeholders crucial to the success of your initiative 
  • Identify stakeholders’ role in your initiative

Stakeholder Analysis 

  • Visualise support among stakeholders using interactive materials
  • Identify and understand the agenda(s) of your stakeholders 

Stakeholder Communication 

  • Align your initiative to the stakeholders ́ perception of value 
  • Leverage persuasive techniques to increase support among stakeholders 
  • Developing a Stakeholder Buy-In Plan

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Quick Facts


Stakeholder Management

CELEMI Synchronicity equips participants with skills and tools to build a broad support base and gain support from key stakeholders. 


All employee leading an initiative or project where support from internal and/or external stakeholders is important. 


12 – 36

Teams of 4



Learning Guide

Stakeholder Buy-in Plan

Interactive Case Study


3 – 4 hours

Perfect for conferences