Celemi "Performance" Simulation

Exercise Your Business Mind

Identify opportunities. Develop constructive thinking and decisive action. Unite through shared understanding. 

In Celemi Performance™, teams of four follow the story of Fenix inc., a company struggling to survive in harsh conditions. Participants need to evaluate the market, analyse information to determine customer needs, and strategise to pursue the right customers and the right markets. A successful market strategy determines whether Fenix Inc. rises or falls. Regardless, your employees will soar with shared insights about your company’s pressing issues and the way forward. 

Turn challenges into opportunities with Celemi Performance™ – an effective way to train high-performing minds in tough times. 

Celemi Performance™ is useful when you want to: 

• Frame a strategic planning session. 

• Instill a shared understanding of strategic challenges and the way forward. 

• Communicate how initiatives align with strategic direction. 

• Support dialogue on strategic issues across functional and hierarchical boundaries. 

Key Results

Through the reality-based mirror of Celemi Performance™ participants: 

• Realise how small improvements affect the bottom line. 

• Prioritise customers and target their needs. 

• Define key challenges, issues, and potential for action. 

• Focus on how to contribute by turning perceived threats into growth opportunities. 

• Gain a broad, shared understanding of your company’s key issues and influential factors. 

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Quick Facts




Disruptive technologies 


Managers and employees at all levels


4 - 100s


Board-based business simulation


4 hours