Celemi Livon Light Flux Capacity Business Simulation

Celemi "Livon-Light" Simulation

The Power of the Customer

Four retailers are in tough competition for the same customers in a growing market. The overriding challenge is to build and retain a profitable customer base. Who will emerge the market leader? To be successful means to build a strong market position and develop the ability to defend it. 

At the start, the four retailers are “all over the place.” They soon learn that their company cannot be everything to everyone, and that competitive positioning is critical. Which current customers should they keep? Which prospective customers should they target?

The management team needs to decide on a desired market position and capture it in the most cost-effective way. Teams analyze baseline market research to help them make tactical choices:

  • Go for the high end of the market… or the low end? 
  • Pursue a unique niche… or attack a competitor’s stronghold?
  • Build capacity in advance… or wait for the demand to grow?
  • Compete on differentiation… or on price? 
  • Defend your achieved position at all costs… or move to another? 

Through this, teams learn what it takes to be “glocal” – to adopt a global framework of a corporate strategy and make it successful in local market conditions. 

Key results

  • Develop marketing plans & strategies consistent with company positioning.
  • Use powerful marketing tactics to meet local customers and competitors.
  • Create marketing strategies appropriate to the target market.
  • Manage and allocate scarce resources to remain competitive and profitable.
  • Select competitive advertising and pricing.

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Quick Facts








4 to 100+ at one time

Teams of 3 to 4 


4-6 hours (Livon Light)

1 day (Livon)