Celemi Enterprise Business Simulation

Celemi "Enterprise" Simulation

Stay Ahead in a changing world

CELEMI Enterprise™ is a competitive business simulation where teams compete for customers in a dynamic marketplace. Each participant assumes a management role in Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, Finance and Control.

The goal? Earn short-term profit while creating long-term value.

CELEMI Enterprise™ takes place over 8 simulated years with teams winning or losing customers based on the decisions they make. Teams develop and execute their own strategies in a rapidly changing marketplace and each ‘year’ they meet at the “Marketplace” for the moment of truth, where they win or lose customers based on their company’s offer and perceived performance.

Understanding what went well and what didn’t, teams learn to work together to build successful strategies and win more customers. Success is calculated over the entire marathon rather than a mad dash to the finish line. The team that can earn a profit in the short-term while creating long-term value for all stakeholders will come out on top.

Propel your company to the top with CELEMI Enterprise™ – a fierce competition that ignites ambition and builds strategy. In CELEMI Enterprise™, people build cross-functional cooperation, develop big picture understanding and practice strategic decision making. We will work with you to decide how success will be measured, based on what’s important to your business. It could be the most profitable company, the one with the greatest future potential, or a combination of both.

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Quick Facts



Operational Action

Competitive Positioning


Business Owners

Senior Managers

Middle Managers


Marketing & Sales

Logistics & Operations





Board-based simulation

Digital support


2 Days

Key Objectives

CELEMI Enterprise™ helps companies who want to be on top and stay on top by:

  • Targeting and selling to preferred customers.
  • Developing and keeping an attractive and profitable product portfolio.
  • Getting the most out of people and processes.
  • Creating a strong, sustainable brand.
  • Communicating company strategy.
  • Building common understanding of the big picture in each employee.

Participant Benefits

Through the tough competition of CELEMI Enterprise™ participants learn to:

  • Put strategy into practice – fast
  • Prioritise based on the right information
  • Attract the right customers and monitor customer satisfaction
  • Assess the company’s current performance
  • Recognise the company’s most important value drivers
  • Understand the roles and benefits of strategy and branding
  • Use resources wisely


Celemi Enterprise Business Simulation

Celemi is a Top 20 Gamification Company for 2018

Celemi is a Training Industry Top 20 Gamification Company.

“Celemi qualified to be included as an industry leader based on the breadth of industries served and the extent of its geographic reach.”

The companies named on the Top 20 Gamification Companies list are selected after an assessment of their gamification features and capabilities; the innovativeness of their offerings and an evaluation of their scope, size and growth potential.

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