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Nick Fifield | Q&A

Nick has an extensive business background with over 20 years corporate experience in sales and training roles. Nick has worked across the UK and Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region.

Why did you become a training and development consultant?

In hindsight it began at the age of 8 when I was identified as Dyslexic. At a young age I became aware that I learnt differently to others and that was, or at least should be, okay. I struggled with my schooling but learnt to adapt systems and processes to help support my learning and was ultimately able to exceed what I considered to be my natural potential. Ever since then I’ve had an innate passion for helping others find new ways to learn and grow.

What is your educational background?

I graduated from University of Wales Swansea with a Bachelor of Science and Economics in Philosophy & Psychology (BSc Econ). I’ve completed many training and development certificated and skills workshops over the years and am currently studying for a Masters of Organisational Psychology from the University of Leicester.

Why did you forge a career in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry?

Having graduated with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, it turned out this was the perfect degree for a career in medical sales. The psychology of sales, understanding people and how to influence them, then the morality teachings of philosophy was a great fit for ethical sales in a clinical environment where transparency, customer consultation and the patients are always the priority.

You're originally from the UK, how did you find yourself in New Zealand?

When I visited Australia in 2005 I set the goal of living there and in 2010 moved to Melbourne with my Kiwi wife, Sharon. In 2018 with a young daughter it came time to take my girls home so we moved to Queenstown, New Zealand and established Flux Capacity.

What do you love about New Zealand?

I’ve always been a keen rugby player, now enthusiastic supporter and New Zealand is the spiritual home of rugby. The landscapes are breathtaking in the South Island and I love walking the tracks as I listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. Above all, I’m biased but the people are among the best in the world - open, friendly and a genuine sense of community which is hard to find these days.

Nick Fifield, Sales Trainer and  Director of Flux Capacity.
Nick Fifield, Sales Trainer and Director of Flux Capacity.

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